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Sound Therapy

A lot has changed here at The Salt Cavern Wellness Spa. We like to introduce you to Katalin Staudinger.

Hi! I’m Katalin Staudinger. I have a strong passion for Spiritual healing and coaching and an intimate connection with the Spiritual world. I have been trained in various techniques, my favorite being sound healing. I fell in love with sound therapy 20 some years ago during my first singing bowl experience, where I felt the divine love, something I have never experienced before. I studied the techniques of sound healing combined with sacred geometrics. These two techniques combined make the session more powerful and unique.  Sound Healing is a calming and meditative session that uses Tibetan singing bowls and chimes that help guide you to a state of relaxation. The tones and frequencies of the instruments help to quiet the mind, activate the relaxation response, and raise your vibrational energy. Instruments are intuitively played to bring balance and wellness to the body, mind, and spirit.  Guided meditation and relaxation combined with the healing vibrations of the singing bowls open up your ability to heal yourself and reconnect with your spirit.  

Benefits include

  • Better stress control
  • Deeper and more meaningful sleep
  • Improves focus and memory  

Helps build internal balance to alleviate letting yourself be consumed by stressful situations. When frequently practiced, you can achieve internal spiritual harmony that will bring abundance to so many aspects of your life.

Special offer $35.00 for sessions in the Yoga room.

Or $45.00 for sessions in the Salt Room (Up to 6 People)  

(Sessions are not advised for those who are pregnant, have sound-induced epilepsy, or pacemakers)  

Please remember to drink water prior to the session. It’s important to stay hydrated to allow the vibrations to better flow throughout your body during the session.


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