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Mothers day

Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to our customers located in Clifton, Fairlawn & Caldwell and to all the Mom’s in New Jersey

The Salt Cavern in Clifton NJ would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of our customers located in Clifton, Fairlawn & Caldwell, and to all the Mom’s in New Jersey. Mother’s Day is a day where we give thanks and show gratitude to our Mother. Because being a Mom is one of the toughest jobs in the world; dedicating a special day to your mom by showing that you appreciate her is a wonderful gesture. In towns like Clifton, Fairlawn & Caldwell in Passaic County, NJ, family members share in the celebration this day by displaying how much they care for their mothers.

Throughout the years, Mother’s Day has been a time for Mom’s to visit the Salt Cavern Wellness Center for a day to rest and relax. Customers of the wellness center love to buy gifts for Mom like a gift certificate for one of our relaxing natural Himalayan salt therapy sessions. Spending a relaxing day at the Salt Cavern in Clifton, NJ is a great Mother’s Day gift or present for your mother. Some of the best Mother’s Day Gifts include:

· Spa Days

· Flowers

· Unique custom items

At the wellness spa center, gift certificates given to Mom’s allow mothers to book a relaxing session in our Himalayan salt therapy room. From the moment you lay down, a spa day at the wellness center will leave your mother with a deep sense of peace and tranquility. Gift certificates for a salt therapy session continue to be a great gift option for Mom and one of our most popular gifts to give.

Flowers are also great gifts to give to Mom. Flowers show gratitude and represent feelings of love which is why it makes so much sense that they are some of the best Mother’s Day Gifts around. Showing feelings of gratitude and love on this day is a wonderful thing to do. Flowers are colorful and bright and make people happy. They impact one’s mood and leave you with a positive feeling.

Unique items can be given on Mother’s Day as well because they are thoughtful and memorable. The Salt Cavern wellness center has several beautiful unique salt therapy lamps to take home. Himalayan salt therapy lamps are beautifully carved and light up any room. Customers from Clifton, Fairlawn & Caldwell in Passaic County, NJ can purchase a salt therapy lamp as a unique gift for their mothers at the wellness center.

Now we all know that times may be difficult during this quarantine, but remember this won’t last forever. We will once again reopen our doors and rest assure that the Salt Cavern Spa Wellness Center will always be here for you.

To learn more about our services and what’s to come, visit us at

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April is Stress Awareness Month; The Salt Cavern in Clifton, NJ understands the importance of being mindful of your stress

Each person at one time or another has experienced a certain level of stress throughout their daily lives. The month of April is Stress Awareness Month which is observed all over the US including in Clifton, Nutley, Montclair, and near Fairlawn & Caldwell NJ. Many people have insisted that persistent stress can even lead to physical problems. That’s why it’s so important to realize what is causing tension in your mind and body. Stress Awareness Month allows us to take a deep look at what’s bothering us and find ways to reduce our everyday stress. Let’s be more aware of the stress in our lives and look at ways in which we can help address it. Here a few tips below,

· Breathing deeply

· Getting enough sleep

· Living in the moment

Breathing may seem like a no brainer for us, but it’s actually a lot hard than one may think. Often times, we are running around doing our day to day activities that we sometimes just forget to breathe. Deep breathing like the customers at the Salt Cavern in Clifton, NJ sessions tend to do, may allow you to slow down your heart rate in order to relax.

Another great way to bring awareness to stress and find ways to help reduce anxiety is by getting enough sleep. Many Americans tend to not get the right amount of hours of sleep or lack getting good quality sleep. The wellness center in Clifton, NJ welcomes customers to lay back and take a nap during your natural salt therapy session.

Living in the moment is equally important too so that you can learn to slow down and be present. Be in tune with your body and find yourself slowly releasing any tension in your mind. Being present also enables you to focus on your breathing which we discussed above.

The Salt Cavern Wellness center located in Clifton, NJ is known for its health benefits related to respiratory and sinus issues as well as helping with allergies, but it is also known to help customers who are looking to release stress. Customers of the Salt Cavern in Clifton, NJ come from all parts of New Jersey to experience a stress-free, relaxing salt therapy or halotherapy session in a comfortable seating room with zero-gravity chairs. Patrons from Montclair, Fairlawn, and Caldwell, NJ can sit up straight or lay back on zero-gravity chairs as Himalayan Salt is dispersed throughout the room. The salt therapy generator is designed to distribute the maximum amount of natural Himalayan salt into the room for the best breathing experience. Breathing deeply throughout your session at the Salt Cavern, NJ leaves you feeling with a sense of deep relaxation, thus releasing all that bottled up stress you have been feeling.

L. Tekula provided wonderful feedback on her visit to the Salt Cavern Wellness Center. She said, “Willie was so welcoming and open to answering any of your questions. He is very knowledgeable about all the benefits of Himalayan salt. Though small, the place is warm with welcome, clean and relaxing. The salt room loungers are very comfortable, and the room is streaming with just the right soft music to get you truly relaxed. Excellent experience and I will definitely be back! Thank you Salt Cavern.”

If you are feeling stressed or your anxiety is getting the best of you, as soon as we reopen, visit the Salt Cavern Wellness Center for your next dose of relaxation.

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